«Piteyniy Dom» – traditions unmarred by time

We will always proudly remember the significant date of 1902, the year when the «Russian Monopoly Piteyniy Dom» was founded. That is the year when our long eventful history of success started. We would like to look back on more then hundred years of the factory’s history. In the very first year of operation a team of 14 people bottled not more then two hundred buckets of vodka a shift. The production volumes were recorded in buckets and all the production, bottling and labeling was done by hand.

The First World War disrupted the usual course of affairs: the «Piteyniy Dom» business was suspended and a military hospital was accommodated at the factory’s facilities. During the Civil War the factory received an even worse blow, as it was partially destroyed and pillaged. However, the masters have not lost heart and after restoration in 1926 the factory was back in business!

The conveyor systems implemented in 1937 boosted the production. We widened the range of products and mastered the sweet liquor production. Due to the Second World War and the temporary occupation of the city the factory’s operation was suspended once more. The administration gave all the products to the troops, and the factory sustained some considerable damage when the city was being freed from the occupants.

After that «Piteyniy Dom» might have become only an entry in the city archives, but Igor Petrovich Chigidaev who has returned from a partisan party in 1945 gathered the old staff and assailed the factory reconstruction.

A long post-war reconstruction and automation of the factory began in 1947. In 1949 BM-1 washing units were installed, allowing to expand production to 600 thousand dal. At the same time the yearly assortment of alcohol reached 100 items.

Another important even happened in 1945: a neighboring juice factory joined our factory as a department. It had a wide range of processed fruit: strawberry, blackberry, apricot, cherry, apple, blackthorn, buckthorn, raspberry and plum, procured in Rostovskaya, Krasnodarsky and Stavropolsky Regions. So we began to use the fruit juices for liqueurs.

A few years later, in 1962, another merger happened, this time with Maykop Winery. It had been producing only fruit wine until 1940. But when wine stations were opened in Bely and Ust-Labinsk we began producing grape wine too. It was mainly barreled and bottled on the Osalchuk hand bottling line (200 bottles/hour).

At the end of the 20th century we have entered the world market. MONDE SANS FRONTIERE association (Paris) presented the «Golden Cluster» award to the factory.

The Big Doctor balsam received best taste award at the International Spirit Challenge exhibition, London, in 1999.

Another significant date is 2005. That was the year when «Maykop wine and vodka factory» (as it was named in Soviet times) was bought by the private investors. Not only have they returned the factory the previous, familiar and honorable name, «Piteyniy Dom», but they have also did their best to restore and fully reequip the enterprise and to ensure the best quality of the products. The wise strategy developed by the new management and good teamwork brought the enterprise within short space of time to success. The same year our vodka brands were awarded gold and silver medals at the Wine-Vodka-Tobacco-2005 exhibition in Sochi, and at the Beverage Industry-2005 international exhibition, Moscow, BIG DOCTOR balsam received high praise of the tasting committee and was awarded golden medal for quality!

In 2006 new Soft Sign vodka was first presented to the public at PRODEXPO exhibition in Moscow where it received the highest praise from international experts.

In 2007 the factory underwent a full reconstruction, as we have replaced the obsolete bottling lines with high-tech Italian and German equipment by Bertani Boroco, Fimer, Pe Labellers Master M/S, Direct Flow and Siemens. «Piteyniy Dom» keeps developing, increasing production volumes, sales area and the number of loyal customers.

We look to the future,
honor our history
and hold true to the traditions.
Today «Piteyniy Dom» combines traditions and modern technologies. We strictly control the compliance of our products with the latest production standards, but at the same time we honor our history: the old factory building (a Federal architectural monument now) has become a well-known trade mark of our company.
The current assortment of «Piteyniy Dom» comprises several major brands:
«Soft Sign», «Drink House», «Maykopskaya», «Tyapnitsa», «Homemade vodkas»
and «Big Doctor» herbal liquor.