Mission and goals

Piteyniy Dom – precise technology, original recipes

Piteyniy Dom is a target-driven company rich in traditions, aiming to preserve the Russian national tradition of strong alcohol production and to use the latest equipment and the purest glacier water. Not only have we preserved and enriched the old traditional technologies, we also exert strict quality control compliant with modern standards.

Our mission is to preserve the culture of responsible alcohol consumption. That is why we use only the best materials, the precise automated equipment and the best well-tried recipes.

We aim:

  • — To increase the production volume and promote sales;
  • — To develop brands we are proud of that are well loved in many regions of Russia and abroad;
  • — Strengthen the company image, preserve and increase its economic stability.

We are happy to answer all your questions on our products, send you price-lists and samples and hold a presentation and/or tasting. Our contact information can be found on the “Contacts” tab. You can also mail us right from the site.