Aslanyan Mkhitar Yeghiazarovich
Since the 90's. lives in Krasnodar. Member of the Union of Artists of the Russian Federation. He graduated from the Yerevan Art College. He participates in exhibitions since the 2000s. Participant of international, all-Russian, regional exhibitions. Personal exhibitions from the 2000's. (KVZII, Krasnodar, Central House of Artists, Moscow, FA Kovalenko Art Museum, Krasnodar). Kind of art: painting, graphics, monumental art. The basic directions in creativity: realism, symbolism, transavantgard, abstraction. The main themes in creativity are social drama; family, travel; tragic experiences; a holiday of life; contrasts of life and death; heroic landscape, decorative still lifes. The main genres (easel painting): BVK (large exhibition picture,) genre compositions, portrait, nude, landscape, still life. The main materials: canvas, oil, tempera. Pictures are: KVZIYA, Krasnodar; The Art Museum. F.A.Kovalenko. In private galleries in Russia and abroad (USA, France, Czechoslovakia, Germany). The total number of works - about 1500 paintings, graphic works. The work was purchased from the artist from the artist's studio in 2014.
  • Well done, Mishka!
    • Number: 500
    • Title: Well done, Mishka!
    • Artist: Aslanyan Mkhitar Yeghiazarovich
    • Year of creation: 2010
    • Materials: canvas, oil
    • Size: 95 х 90
    • Status: In the collection of the Piteyniy Dom