Big Doctor

ig Doctor belongs to that rare category that can be called gastronomic and natural vodkas.  This is a drink with a balanced taste and aroma whose recipe underwent many years of trials during production of Big Doctor Balsam.
Big Doctor is made using traditional methods.  The ingredients are all natural raw materials whose flavours and health benefits are carefully preserved during the production process.  The herbs and plant materials used in the blend give it a unique flavour.


On tasting the beverage is well rounded with a smooth aroma, every component lightly and accurately complements the others.  The taste of the vodka is rich and balanced, with a gentle heat giving an idiosyncratic garnish to the progressively unfurling fullness.
The ingredients in the Big Doctor blend are medicinal herbs and natural plant materials and the vodka is fully compliant with GOST standards for classical vodkas in terms of flavour, aroma and clarity.

The vodka comes in a brand-labelled apothecary style bottle.  All the vodkas in the Big Doctor line are steeped in the atmosphere of the cusp of the 19th and 20th centuries.  Many people have a particular passion for the style of those years and Big Doctor is pure vintage.  And, of course, each flavour has its own subtle ambiance.

This vodka is available in 500ml bottles.


Made using traditional methods.

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