Big Doctor

Big Doctor is a famous healing herbal liquor produced according to an old recipe.

Only natural ingredients are used in Big Doctor balsam, and the taste and health properties of the herbs are carefully preserved. The herbs, beneficial for health, overall tonus and immunity, also create a unique taste and aroma of the liquor.

Composition: XO brandy, highly purified rectified ethyl alcohol, alcoholized cherry juice, alcoholized quince juice, alcoholized strawberry juice, alcoholized ashberry juice, lemon essential oil, natural honey, sugar, vanillin, herbal extracts: elder, valerian, oak bark, John's-wort, cardamom, coriander, cinnamon, corn silk, mint, black pepper, wormwood, sage, thyme, colorant.

It was the Big Doctor balsam that received best taste award at the International Spirit Challenge exhibition, London, in 1999. At the Beverage Industry-2005 international exhibition, Moscow, it was awarded golden medal for quality.