Drink House

rink House vodka is the purest of products with only two main ingredients used in its production.  The first of these is the pure soft ice water from the Lago-Naki plateau located within a World Heritage natural biosphere reserve, and the second is exceptionally high quality spirit.  The vodka acquires its signature mild taste thanks to the special production process.  The harmonious combination of strength and softness is achieved by the very long mixing of the ingredients at a temperature of 15℃, which ensures the water and spirit blend perfectly at a molecular level.

The Drink House Deluxe blend is mixed for eight hours and rested for 168 hours. 

It is this resting which creates its rich taste.  The ageing process means the micro elements in the blend are enriched with oxygen, which makes a significant improvement to the flavour, smooths the aroma of the drink and gives the vodka its harmonious taste.


Drink House vodka rests for several weeks before being poured into exclusive bottles.   At the end of the process we have achieved a drink that is unique in its flavour characteristics and worthy of decorating any table or being given as a special present.

This is a soft smooth vodka available in 250ml, 500ml and 700ml bottles.


You can learn more about how to achieve matchless flavour and perfect blending of water and spirit on our website.

Go to website: vodkadrinkhouse.com