Drink house

Drink House vodka is created using the pure and soft glacier water from the Lago-Naki plateau located in a biosphere reserve listed as a World Heritage Site.

The special technology of extra-long mixing of the cooled blend creates an ultimate balance of strength and softness of the Drink House vodka.
There is only two ingredients in classic vodka:
water and alcohol, blended in the right ratio at the temperature of 15 degrees ensuring the ideal combination at the molecular level.
This is what ensures the quality of the future vodka.




Unlike the standard two-hour mechanical mixing used by most manufacturers, the Drink House blend is mixed for 8 hours by continuous filtered air feed through compressor units. The blending shop was reequipped with the latest blending tanks and equipment for this purpose. By such mixing the blend is enriched with oxygen, improving and balancing the taste and smoothing the aroma.

The unique taste of the Drink House vodka comes from the special blend-settling period of several weeks. Vodka should “rest” or assimilate, scientifically speaking, for 2 days according to GOST. However, this is not enough to prepare the extra-soft Drink House vodka. The most important thing is that to produce classic vodka we use no flavorings, sugar or softeners. This is why the Drink House vodka rests for several weeks before bottling in exclusive bottles, ensuring the full blending of water and alcohol. That is when the water-alcohol mixture becomes a balanced, rounded, soft vodka.