allery is a sequel to the real life art gallery at the Piteyniy Dom factory.  The idea for the Gallery brand came about by chance: during modernisation of the historic factory building, itself an architectural landmark dating from 1902, a picture was discovered.  It turned out to be a work of art good enough to be in a museum.

In this vein a drink was created which, in both quality and philosophy, represents the art of creating that which is prized and superb.  Skilled blenders worked on the recipe for a number of years and created their own masterpiece in the world of alcoholic beverages.

Experienced technologists meticulously monitor all the stages of production of each new batch of Gallery vodka, from careful selection of ingredients and strict adherence to their proportions to the use of our unique production processes.

The special quality of the water, the extremely long mixing phase under carefully controlled conditions, the special ageing conditions of the beverage in specialised containers, and the independently developed method of multiple-stage filtration mean we can offer our customers a product equal in merit to those works of art which adorn the label.

«Gallery» is a brand of vodka which personifies the skilled incarnation of an idea and the creation of a product of the highest quality.  Each new bottle of Gallery vodka will introduce you to a magnum opus.  Each limited edition of this vodka has its own picture.

This vodka is available in 500 ml bottles.

Tasting excellence and immersing yourself in the world of art is much easier than it appears.

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