Soft Sign

«Soft Sign» is a classic Russian vodka distilled only from natural ingredients, using Lago-Naki plateau glacier water and deluxe alcohol. Soft Sign TM vodka steadily gains ground among experts and connoisseurs of strong alcohol.

The brand was first presented to the public in 2006 at PRODEXPO exhibition in Moscow where it received the highest praise from international experts.




Soft Sign Classic vodka, classic taste range. Soft Sign Classic is produced from deluxe alcohol and glacier water purified to the highest quality at the water treatment unit. Soft Sign Classic is available in 0.25, 0.5, 0.7 and 1.0 l bottles.

The vodka comes in an original bottle with a frosting pattern and a heat shrinkable cap guaranteeing original closure and protecting the metal screwing cap.

In Soft Sign Classic the alcohol is blended with the pristine glacier water, treated, softened and enriched with oxygen.

The hallmark of Soft Sign Premium is a longer blend settling period.

The soft taste of strong vodka comes from the right blend, quality alcohol and glacier water.