Den Chudesniy

en Chudesniy is a genuine Russian vodka, mild and crystal clear thanks to the use of only the very purest ice water and our committed approach to production.  Around the entire globe vodka has always been associated with Russia, with public festivals, devil-may-care merrymaking, the breadth of the Russian soul and with bounteous feasts.  We care that our vodka should not only deliver the feeling of a celebration, give an energy boost and bring people together, but should always be associated with impeccable quality.

For that reason Den Chudesniy is, above all, a recipe that has been calibrated to the nth degree and garnished with love and respect for the best traditions handed down by our forerunners.  Such a drink will fill you with happiness like a sip of fresh air on a frosty winter morning when your cheeks tingle pleasantly and you are captivated by the purity of the clear winter sky endlessly stretching away to the horizon.

Den Chudesniy combines the freshness of a winter morning with the purity of a clear sky.  Take a deep breath and discover new horizons.

This vodka is available in 250ml and 500ml bottles.

Den Chudesniy - try a taste of winter.

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