— the year when our factory was
founded, a key milestone
in our history.
Extensive support, best prices, flexibility for our clients. We always welcome new clients and partners!
ince that time, we have modernized our production technologies, improved the recipes and introduced a wider product range. We sell our vodka with a partner-based approach: small or large-scale wholesale. We remain true to our traditions: top quality, unique ingredients and mild taste. Our brands are our pride —


are seeking to expand the market for our products, so we offer flexible and beneficial partnership terms for distributors and retail stores.


We are open to new offers and suggestions!
Phone: +7 (861) 277-31-73 ext. 504
E-mail: office@piteyniy.com

is a modern factory with the latest equipment from Germany and Italy. The personnel of 250 people works in the total area is more than 24,000 sq. m.;

many national and local retail chain and major distributors are our partners, we export our products to other countries — Armenia, Abkhazia, Kazakhstan, Iraq;

our products meet all state quality standards, technical regulations and specifications of the Customs Union; certified Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system is applied at the factory;

all our products are made with high-quality glacier water from the Lago-Naki plateau. This reduces the amount of pre-production processing necessary: nature has already done all the work. We only filter it to remove any impurities and salts;

The quality of the primary components is checked at multiple stages, and the resulting water-alcohol mixture passes through 4 stages of filtration.

Traditions, reliability and stability are the three words that define our company!

The fact that the history of Piteyniy Dom goes back 119 years speaks for itself.

Our brands

Our vodka brands «Myagkiy Znak», «Tyapnitsa», and the balsam «Big Doctor» have received
numerous awards and medals for their exceptional taste at various Russian and
international exhibitions.