is the year of foundation of our plant,
    key milestone in our history.
Comprehensive support, best prices and flexible approach. We are always glad to welcome new customers and partners!
ince that time the manufacturing procedures have been modernized, formulation and product range have been renewed. Vodka sale is partner-based, i.e. either small or large wholesale. We are true to our traditions implying high quality, unique composition and soft taste of our alcohol products. The source of our pride is our brand marks

Soft Sign, Drink House, Maykopskaya, Tyapnitsa

are interested in expanding the sales market for our products, so we will develop convenient terms of cooperation for our distributors and retail networks.

We are open for cooperation and ready to consider new proposals!
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23 July 2017
Piteyniy Dom today

is a modern plant equipped with the up-to-date high-tech German and Italian equipment with a total area of more than 24 000 sq. meters and staff consisting of 250 employees;

Piteyniy Dom cooperates with many large federal and local retail networks, large distributors; the export is adjusted to the CIS and non-CIS countries - Armenia, Abkhazia, Kazakhstan, Iraq;

plant products meet the requirements of GOST, technical regulations of the Customs Union and industry specific specifications, the company operates a certified HACCP quality management system;

All products are made of glacial water from the Lago-Naki plateau. This minimizes water treatment before production. The nature itself has done everything for human beings. Water is only subject to additional removal of impurities and excessive salts.

The initial components undergo a multi-stage inspection, and the resulting water-alcohol mixture passes 4 stages of filtration;

Tradition, reliability and stability - these are three key words that we are proud to characterize our company with.

And this is not by accident, as the story of Piteyniy Dom extends back for more than 115 years!


Soft Sign and Tyapnitsa vodka, Big Doctor
herbal liquor have received several awards for the taste at
the Russian and international exhibitions.