The energy of the Lago-Naki Plateau conservation area

Water is the soul of vodka and the most important component in its production. One of the major reasons for building the Piteyniy Dom distillery in Maikop was the proximity of the town to the inexhaustible supply of crystal clear glacier water from the Lago-Naki Plateau.

The Lago-Naki Plateau is a conservation area in Apsheronsk District in the Greater Sochi area of Krasnodar Region and Maikop District in Adigea. The Plateau covers an area of around 650 square kilometres. Its highest point is the peak of the Fisht mountain, a. name which means White Head in Adigean. These areas are inaccessible to human activity. Their remoteness from civilisation is one of the reasons why the glacier water has retained its original purity.

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